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Fractures can happen when bones sustain trauma too strong for them to withstand, such as force from a fall, auto accident, or a sports injury. Fractures can also occur with repetitive use, also known as “stress fractures,” or when bone is weakened prematurely by cancer. The board certified surgeons at Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group perform the full array of fracture treatments. This includes:

  • Casts or braces to either immobilize bones or allow limited movement
  • External fixation, a procedure where metal pins or screws are fixed to a metal bar on the outside of the body
  • Open reduction and internal fixation, a procedure where bones are re-aligned and put back together with plates, screws, or nails on the inside of the body
  • Hardware removal, a surgical procedure to remove plates, screws, nails, cages, or other hardware that is no longer necessary or desired