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Since 1971, caring for the South Bay’s families has been our privilege. Over the years the compassionate, board certified surgeons and licensed physical therapists at Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group have helped thousands of our patients recover from orthopedic injuries of the shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, spine, hip, leg, knee, ankle, and foot. Their journey from treatment to surgery and through physical therapy inspires us to keep doing what we love: putting our skilled hands and sharp minds to good use in the best community anywhere.

We strive to maintain and improve our patients’ health with the goal of returning each one to a full, active lifestyle. Our board certified physicians are highly skilled, prestigiously trained, and dedicated to using only the most up-to-date technology and orthopedic techniques. This foundation allows them to perform minimally invasive total joint replacements, knee and hip arthroscopy, spinal surgery, hand and foot surgery, fracture care, and more. They treat musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, strains, and tendon ruptures, and also administer a variety of leading-edge non-surgical treatments.

We know that rehabilitation and follow-up is just as important as treatment and surgery. Our physical therapy department is staffed by experienced, friendly licensed physical and hand therapists, most of whom have more than 10 years experience, and some more than 20 years. They practice a wide range of therapy modalities, including the South Bay’s only aquatic therapy program, and they offer custom hand splinting and custom foot orthotics.

Our patients get quick diagnoses in our on-site, state-of-the-art OPEN-MRI in a peaceful and relaxing environment. We offer convenient scheduling options with same-day and Saturday appointments, and we accept all major PPO insurance plans, as well as CHAMPUS, Workers Comp, and Medicare. Our practice is supported by affiliations with outpatient surgery centers, major hospitals, and rehabilitation programs. A mini-operatory suite is located in our office for minor procedures.

Here is an overview of our services:

Orthopedic Surgery

The high quality care provided by the Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group board certified orthopedic physicians has restored and improved thousands of our patients’ lives. General orthopedic surgery is performed on the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. This type of surgery read more...



Sports Medicine

The board certified physicians at Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group are also athletes. They have first-hand experience with athletic orthopedic conditions and are skilled at treating both acute injuries and chronic conditions. Examples of acute sports injuries include read more...



Physical Medicine

Physical medicine refers to any type of medical therapy that uses touch to promote healing. It includes physical and hand therapy, aquatic therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, visceral (organ) manipulation, and more. The licensed physical and hand read more...



Hand and Physical Therapy Facility

The Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group physical and hand therapy department staff develops a unique rehabilitation program for each of our patients. Therapists treat patients in this state-of-the-art facility that houses professional-grade strength equipment, specialized read more...



Aquatic Physical Therapy

Our aquatic therapists treat patients in a nearby indoor pool facility. Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group is the only practice in the South Bay that offers a comprehensive aquatic therapy program. Aquatic therapy exercises muscles under water, a setting that provides light resistance while read more...



OPEN MRI Center in Office

This relaxing, peaceful section of the Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group office is shielded from the hustle and bustle of our high-energy physical therapy and other medical treatment areas. Patients benefit from the OPEN MRI technology because, unlike older, closed models, our machine has a read more...



Mini Operation Suite in Office

Some procedures do not require a hospital or surgery center visit, which is why Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group offers an on-site surgical suite. Its convenience and familiar atmosphere greatly reduces anxiety for many of our patients, who also like not having to read more...



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Minimally Invasive Total and Partial Knee and Hip Joint Replacements

When a hip or knee joint becomes painfully arthritic or the cartilage severely damaged, total or partial joint replacement can be the best solution. In this procedure, all or part of the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. This technique requires a high degree of surgical skill. The prestigiously trained read more...



Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a very effective surgery of the hip joint that is designed to prolong the lifetime of the hip. It alleviates hip pain caused by labral tears, cartilage tears, bone spurs, or arthritis. It requires only small incisions, through which a tiny camera and sophisticated, read more...



Arthroscopic Knee and Shoulder Surgery

Knee and shoulder arthroscopy are very effective surgeries of the knee and shoulder joint that are designed to keep our patients active both in their daily life and sporting activities. They require only a small incision, through which a tiny camera and sophisticated, small surgical instruments are inserted. High-resolution cameras and read more...



Spine Surgery (Adult)

The board certified spine surgeons at Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group are at the top of their field and are highly sought after. Our patients get treated here for spine conditions knowing they’ll be seen by some of the most experienced and compassionate surgeons in the region. Our physicians perform read more...



Kyphoplasty for Compression Fractures

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to stabilize mid- to low-back compression fractures. These are often painful and deforming fractures that benefit from surgery. The Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group board certified spine surgeons perform this specialized technique by read more...



Hand and Microvascular Surgery

Hand surgery is one of the most intricate types of orthopedic surgeries. The hand is a complex arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels, which can be as small as 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter. The Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group hand care unit is read more...



Fracture Treatment

Fractures can happen when bones sustain trauma too strong for them to withstand, such as force from a fall, auto accident, or a sports injury. Fractures can also occur with repetitive use, also known as “stress fractures,” or when bone is weakened prematurely read more...



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Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle surgery is a very complex type of orthopedic surgery because the foot and ankle areas are a sophisticated arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. The Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group foot and ankle care unit is led by read more...



Bunion Surgery

A bunion occurs when the big toe joint connecting to the foot turns outward, resulting in a protruding bump at the joint. Caused by wearing shoes with pointed toe-boxes or arthritis, they may be painful and in certain cases require surgery. The board certified surgeons at read more...



Custom Orthotics

After one or more ankle sprains, or if lateral (sideways) ankle instability becomes an issue for a patient, our board certified physicians may prescribe custom orthotics. These supportive shoe inserts keep the ankle in place during a read more...



Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy (PRP)

A possible alternative to surgery for several orthopedic conditions, platelet rich plasma injection therapy uses the body’s own platelets, extracted from the patient’s blood, to help heal itself. Patients may have reduced pain in the affected joint area, tendons, or ligaments after one treatment, although read more...



Joint Fluid Therapy with Synvisc

Joint fluid therapy with Synvisc is an injection into an arthritic joint without normal joint fluid. The injection provides extra lubricating fluid, which reduces pressure on the nerves and alleviates pain. This type of therapy may be necessary when existing joint pain causes so much tension in the joint that the body’s nutrient-rich water cannot read more...





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