Travis McKay, DPT


Travis McKay

Director of Therapy

Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Medicine
11 years experience

Travis McKay was drawn to a physical therapy career after learning that it would be a great way to study his lifelong interest in kinesiology (the science of human movement). Today he treats patients with all joint and musculoskeletal disorders.

Travis holds a Doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of Southern California (USC), 2003, a Masters degree in sports medicine from Cal State Long Beach (CSULB), 2000, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in kinesiology from Occidental College, 1997. Travis is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, designated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

In 2006, Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group offered an exceptional opportunity for Travis to work with "a team of great professionals who always have their patients' interests at heart. It's the best place to work and the best place for patients to get strong and recover." Travis loves working with athletes and non-athletes alike. His interests include going to concerts, playing beach volleyball, and riding his bike along The Strand.